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"The advantage of signing up for an EIB course are numerous. The students are able to focus on just one IB subject, they can clarify points they haven't understood during the year and they can push themselves to study at a more advanced level. Students who attend EIB courses learn the IB curriculum content in a more relaxed atmosphere. The progress of our students is evident after having attended a holiday course. EIB are young, fun and relate to our students very naturally. Our experience with working with Elite IB has been truly enjoyable and professional."
- Katell Doss, IBDP Coordinator, MSF

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Last year, we delivered in-school and online courses to address loss of learning and skills gaps for students at the following schools

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In 2010, we delivered year-long Maths support to the entire DP cohort at the Internatinoal School of the Hague. Here’s what they had to say:
"Dear Aaron, I have heard excellent reports of your work from students and Netty. Thank you!" - Annette Sloan, Director of AICS

Online IB Revision & Prep Courses for IBDP students

Last year, students from 190 schools around the world joined Elite IB’s world renowned online revision and preparation courses to help their students excel in their IBDP studies.

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I felt comfortable to ask questions. It was focused on the most important things and it was in-depth. I like the smaller classes because the tutor is able to focus on an individual.

Nicolas, International School of Berlin