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An internationally-leading team of IB experts.

We’ve drawn together a team of some of the finest IB graduates worldwide to help us bring their expert knowledge of the IB to the students we support. With an average grade of 43 points, they know the IB better than anyone, and many are now are pursuing Masters and PhD qualifications at universities like Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial College and UCL.

At EIB Education, we have worked hard since 2011 to become a leading authority within the IB ecosystem. Private tutoring is at the heart of what we do, working with exemplary IB students, IB teachers and IB Examiners to help IB students. In recent years, we’ve begun working closely with schools around the world, placing substitute teachers, running student workshops and inspirational talks ranging from studying habits through to the UCAS admissions process. Working with such excellent educators means we are in a privileged position to offer a variety of support, both for schools currently going through authorisation, as well as those who have been part of the IB world for many years.


With the spread of ‘one-size-fits-all’ educational companies springing up, we are proud to focus solely on the IB. As a team of IB graduates, we are well aware of challenges IB students and teachers face, and want to help support schools where a need may arise. We carry out extensive research, and try to create frameworks around this. Our new Resits Accelerated Programme for November 2018 candidates is a perfect example of this. We hope we may have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.


Tim Hoffmann

Director & Founder, EIB Education



Specialists in IB School Support

IB teacher placements

Draw from our pool of exceptional IB educators to guarantee excellent support for your students, whether a short-term or permanent placement is required.


IB Resits

Revision workshops for students at every stage of the IB, from Pre-IB to Easter & Resits. Attend our regional courses or request a bespoke one for your school!

UK University


Get support from graduates from the most prestigious international institutions, or benefit from our unrivalled research into UK university applications and the IB.


We’ve supported over 3000 IB students from subject selection and regular tuition to university applications.

15 schools

We work closely with 15 IB schools, providing supply teachers, revision courses and more!


Our reliability and experience are why students in over 60 countries have come to us for support.

IB graduates, teachers and examiners

From cutting-edge research to ensuring the perfect IB teacher placement, we work hard to ensure we can provide guidance no matter the query; our international expertise guides students applying to university from every corner of the world, and our top-quality resources are available to all, free of charge.

It’s a pleasure (and a relief!) to know of institutions like yours that can guide students.

Parent of EIB Education Student

Fantastic tuition with fantastic tutors, would highly recommend to anyone willing to take their IB knowledge to the next level.

EIB Education Revision Course Student

It is great to know institutions like you exist within the

IB World.

Chris Green, former IBDP Coordinator, ACS Hillingdon

We’re always happy to speak with students, families and schools to discuss our support. You can call us to arrange a meeting, email us to enquire how we can support you, or visit our website to find out more.

Get in touch

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